Disclaimer: The dancers featured in the videos are volunteers and non-professionals. These are not meant to be instructional videos but meant to help beginners with revision after they have taken formal classes.

Zouk Dance Basics -- Basic Step. Lateral. Return to Basic

Zouk Dance Basics -- Warm Up Foot Work

Zouk Dance Basics -- Bonus (Boomerang)

Zouk Dance Basics -- Ending with Dip

Zouk Dance Basics -- Tree. Snake. Body Roll

Zouk Dance Basics -- Sweet Heart Walk to Rau

Zouk Dance Basics -- Viraginha

Zouk Dance Basics -- Lunge

Zouk Dance Basics -- Rau (Ha Woo)

Zouk Social Dance Music

Playlist 1 of Slow Zouk Music for Practice

Playlist 2 of Slow Zouk Music for Practice

Playlist 3 of Zouk, Bachata & West Coast Swing Music for Social Dance Party

IZD 2017 MyZouk Dance Routine

Check out the IZD 2017 MyZouk Dance Routine

About MyZouk

MyZouk a non-profit organization of volunteers who love dancing, making new friends, joining group social activities and raising funds for various charities. Every year, we get to learn and share a new Brazilian Zouk dance routine which we perform to raise funds for different charities.


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